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Mobile Events Live Streaming and handling of personal data in its commercial businesses can be broadly separated into four areas:

  1. MobileEventsLiveStreamingprimarybusinessislivestreamingofeventsonline,distributing content, streaming media, and delivering applications for our business customers, in which Mobile Events Live Streaming serves as a conduit for information controlled by


  1. Like most businesses providing services to other businesses, Mobile Events Live Streaming mayacquirepersonallyidentifiableinformationofemployeesofbusinessesconsideringorusing our
  • Mobile Events Live Streaming offers enhanced data services to business customers, including some that help publishers and advertisers across our customer base gather non­ personallyidentifiableinformationabout,andgainbetterinsightinto,theirconsumerend

Mobile Events Live Streaming is committed to abiding by its contractual obligations and by all local, domestic, and international laws governing the protection of personal data. Our Privacy Statement sets forth company privacy policy regarding each of these three areas of our handling of data. By using Mobile Events Live Streaming, you agree to let us collect and use information per the terms of this policy. Ifwe decide to change our privacy policy, we will post changes on this page and note the effective date so that you are always aware of what information we collect and how we use it.

  2. MobileEventsLiveStreamingfunctionsasanintermediaryserviceprovidertoInternet businesses.

We are a business-to-business provider oflnternet services, providing delivery oflnternet content, streaming media and applications, so that consumers can receive the Web’s content and applications with enhanced performance, reliability and richness. We are also a business to customer provider in providing live streaming services for events online with an on site videographer and/or live streaming technician. Mobile Live Steaming then transmits the content these customers have chosen to move through our large, ever-expanding global installation of servers. In providing these services, Mobile Events Live Streaming acts purely as a conduit to enhancecommunicationswhosecontentischosen byothers.MobileEventsLiveStreamingdoes does not select the persons receiving the transmission, and does not select or substantively modify the content of the information contained in the transmission. All persons in attendance at live events should be made aware of the fact that there is a live streaming of content online that cannot beedited.

  1. MobileEventsLiveStreamingmaystoredataautomaticallyinordertotransmit it

The data may be stored briefly or for a longer period of time, as determined by the technical requirements we develop with our partners. Mobile Events Live Streaming speeds the delivery of content and applications for customers through using automatic, intermediate, and temporary information storage to make the onward transmission of that information to other recipients more efficient. Temporary storage processes retain information only so long as is reasonably necessary to transmit the data. Intermediate storage processes retain information only so long as is reasonably necessary for continued transmission, to maintain the security of the network and the data, to permit the company to monitor and improve our performance, for related administrative purposes, or as required by our business customers.

  • MobileEventsLiveStreaming processingofdataisdeterminedbyourbusiness customers.

When processing data on behalf of business customers as an intermediary service provider, Mobile Events Live Streaming does not collect, use, or disclose personally identifiable consumer information, except as directed by our business customers. Mobile Events Live Streaming complies with any conditions on access to information requested by business customers, and maintains as confidential the proprietary business information of our business customers, as is set forth in our contracts with them.

  1. MobileEventsLiveStreamingremovesdatathatisnolongerneeded,datathatithasreasonto believeisbeingusedtofacilitateillegalactivity,ordatawhichshouldlegallybe

Mobile Events Live Streaming routinely removes data from its system after the data is no longer needed, but may store information for a variety of administrative and systems purposes for extended periods. We will act expeditiously to remove or to disable access to information it has stored upon obtaining actual knowledge that the information at the initial source of the transmission has been removed from the network and removal is now sought, or that access to it has been disabled, or that a court or an administrative authority has ordered such removal or disablement. Should Mobile Events Live Streaming become aware of facts or circumstances that make it apparent that our network is being used to facilitate illegal activity, upon obtaining such knowledge; we will act expeditiously to remove or disable access to the information.

  1. MobileEventsLiveStreamingisbothabusiness-to-businesscompanyandbusiness-to­ customer company that respects obligations to consumers to protect their

In processing data, Mobile Events Live Streaming does not collect, use or disclose personally identifiable information unless directed by its business customers to do so. As an intermediary service provider, Mobile Events Live Streaming does not on its own behalf collect, use, or disclose such personally identifiable consumer or end-user information as names, addresses, and e-mails.

Notice and Communication. We expect our business customers to communicate explicitly with consumers and other end-users about data collection and use and to identify the purpose for which personally identifiable information is collected and the extent to which it may be shared, by prominently posting clear, human-readable privacy policies on their business to consumer web sites.

Choice, Consent and Control. We expect our business customers to limit their requests for information from consumers to the information necessary for fulfilling the level of service desired by the user. We expect them to obtain informed consent prior to the collection and use of personally identifiable information and to provide users information about their ability to review and when appropriate to correct personally identifiable information. Among the rewards of such an approach are reduced user frustration, increased trust, and the facilitation of consumer relationships through anonymous, customized, or personalized relationships, as appropriate, between our business customers and their consumer customers.

Fairness and Integrity. We expect our business customers to treat users and their personally identifiable information with fairness and integrity. We expect our business customers accurately to represent their information practices in a clear and unambiguous manner, to use information only for the purpose stated and retain the information only so long as is necessary, to ensure that information is accurate, complete and up-to-date, and to provide the means to insure accountability and provide recourse.


MobileEventsLiveStreamingmayusepersonallyidentifiableinformationregardingemployees ofbusinessesforbusinesscommunicationandmarketing purposes.Wedonotcurrentlybutmay inthefutureprovide suchinformationtoourvendors,suppliersandbusinesspartnerstoprovide an employee of a business with a product or service requested by the employee or the employee’s business or to improve the operation and maintenance of our business services. We expect anyone to whom we disclose personally identifiable information of an employee of a business, not to use or disclose the employee’s personally identifiable information for other purposes, although we cannot guarantee how other vendors, suppliers, or business partners will actually use suchinformation.


Mobile Events Live Streaming provides market-leading managed services to business customers for powering rich media, dynamic transactions, and enterprise applications online. Some of these services help publishers and advertisers across our customer base gather non-personally identifiable information about and gain better insight into their consumer end users which, in turn, enables our customers to provide more personalized on-line experiences, including through better targeted advertising.

On occasion, Mobile Events Live Streaming acts as a service provider providing back-end services to a specific business customer and collects information from that customer’s websites. In those instances, the use of the data is governed by that business customer’s privacy policy.

If you believe Mobile Events Live Streaming may be processing or maintaining sensitive or personally identifiable information pertaining to you without your consent, or in violation of applicable domestic or international laws, please let us know at We will act expeditiously to disable access to any sensitive or

personally identifiable information about you we may have obtained, while we work to investigate your complaint and to resolve the problem.

Mobile Events Live Streaming does not currently knowingly collect, use and disclose personally In general, any data on children that might be processed or stored would be processed without modification through our role as an intermediary services provider for other businesses. In the event that we were to collect, use or disclose personally identifiable data on children on its own behalf and not as an intermediary services provider, Mobile Events Live Streaming will comply with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998 (“COPPA”) at that time, including but not limited to by obtaining verifiable parental consent, offering choice regarding disclosures to third parties, and providing parental access to information.

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